I had my first real experience with hypnosis way back in 1983. In the fall of that year, I was taking a psychology course at Western Washington University, and it contained a one-day module on hypnosis. The professor asked for volunteers and ended up calling one lucky student to the front of the room for a demonstration.

I was hooked. I am a fast reader, and it didn't take long for me to consume every book that had a mention of hypnosis that I could find in the school library. Ormond McGill to John Kappas to Dave Elman to Milton Erickson, I read them all. Did I mention I was hooked?

When it came time to test my skills, my dorm neighbors were willing participants. Sometimes someone reported that they experienced change in their life as a result of our time together, but most of the time, it was just for fun. I continued in that way for a long time, using hypnosis as an interesting skill to show people at a party.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to invest in my education with some "must spend on education" funds that fell into my lap. I decided to enroll in a hypnotherapy program from the only school that offers a United States Department of Education-accredited program, Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Before graduating, I established Hypnotechs, and following graduation, I pursued Hypnotherapist Registration with the State Department of Health, and the rest is now, as they say, "history".

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