It was a long summer. With the lockdown orders, keeping the doors open full-time was just not possible. But, as frustrating as that has been, it has resulted in some great improvements to the website.  The FAQ  was an early re-write, I had never been happy with the old one. That was followed quickly by the completely reworked Kappasinian Suggestibility Assessment and a new addition, the Kappasinian Sexuality Assessment.  

Now, as a nice to have, I have created a site status page that will allow you to see if the site is up and functioning properly if you are having problems connecting.

But, probably the biggest news is the new Client Portal. As I write this, I've got just a couple of hours left before it will go live for the first time. In the portal, you can use a secure messaging app to communicate with me and take care of all your paperwork (no more having to print out the "disclosure" form. Soon the portal will be one stop shopping for booking, billing and all the other operational details that come with us working together.

See you soon!