Fall always seems to trigger motivation to work on the site for me. Some years it's a new feature others, well, it's more dramatic.  This year, but bug bit me hard. I moved the site to a new host and rewrote everything. New servers, new site architecture, new technologies, all new.

Some pages had begun been feeling dated to me and I had been meaning to do a refresh, but I hadn't planned to start pretty much from scratch until I was far enough along to be surprised by it.

Overall, it's faster, fresher and it should be 100% mobile friendly now, though I am still testing. 

Hypnobot got a complete brain transplant and some serious A.I. upgrades. He/it now reads EVERY page on Hypnotechs.com and indexes it so that he can use that information to answer questions. He's probably reading this right now! Suppose I use a word that isn't likely to be anywhere else on the site; Carouselambra. There. It's the name of the fifth song on Led Zeppelin's 1979 album "In Through the Out Door". With a little time, Hypnobot will discover this blog post, read it, and add it to the index. At some point in the very near future, if you were to use that word in conversation with Hypnobot, he'd refer you to this blog post.

TL;DR  - All New Hypnotechs.com site. Check it out.