Are you curious about how your mind works? I know many of us are and Dr. John Kappas came up with a system that helps to clarify one piece of that puzzle, how our minds interpret external suggestions.

Dr. Kappas named the ends of his scale "Emotional" and "Physical". Physically suggestible minds tend to process input in a literal fashion and emotionally suggestible minds tend to be more analytical and prefer a more indirect approach. No one is 100% in either direction. We all fall somewhere along the scale, though some have stronger indications in one direction or the other.

Imagine asking someone a simple question like:

Will you tell me your name?

Odds are good that you know what you would answer, but there are really TWO ways to answer that.

  • Physical - Literal and direct. “Yes”/ “No”  (I will tell you my name.)
  • Emotional - Inference and metaphor (looking for the meaning behind the words). “My name is…”

Which way would you have answered?

You can read more on this subject, including why I think that "Analytical" is a better term than "Emotional" and you can take the Kappasinian E&P Suggestibility Quiz on the Hypnotechs site at: