I've created a new area of the site that I hope will be sort of a companion for the blog.


The page is just now "live" and I am still working out the bugs in the end-to-end process for coming up with a subject, recording the podcast, then posting it, but I think I am almost there and I've got my first few posts in the pipeline.

I am both nervous and excited about this. I've got a long history in broadcasting, voice work and being on stage, so I can't call it stage fright, I don't suffer from that most common fear, Public Speaking. Dun, dun, dun, DUN! No stagefright for me.  I am also not lacking in subject matter. In the fields of hypnotherapy and hypnosis, there's an endless variety to talk about.

No, I guess it's just the apprehension that comes with doing something new. But I am going to press on and I am hopeful that once the newness wears off, I will settle into a routine with this.

The page is up and I put a sample/test recording up there. Check it out!